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San Diego British Car Day 2019

  • Spanish Landing Park East (map)

The largest gathering of Classic and new British Cars in Southern California, our 40th Annual San Diego British Car Day will feature hundreds of show cars, in the grassy field across from the San Diego Airport. This event draws cars and spectators from near and far, so please join us!

3900 N Harbor Drive, San Diego, 92101

Show cars load onto the field from 8 am to 9 am. Visitors are welcome to come onto the field between 9 am and 2 pm.

The hotel nearest to the event, is the Sheraton Hotel and Marina, 1380 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego. Their website is here.

Car parking for non show cars is metered. You will need to pay for your parking spot in the parking lot, if you bring a non show car. Your visitors will also need to pay. The parking is $1 per hour, up to four hours. After four hours, you need to pay again for the next four hours, or portion that you will be using. The kiosk in the parking lot will be open for paying, and the City will be actively ticketing. Show cars that are parked on the grass (all show cars) are exempt.

Trailer parking can be arranged in advance, with the Sheraton hotel parking lot contractor. The cost is about $60 per truck and trailer for the day. Please email us if you need to make these arrangements. EMAIL HERE

The award ceremony is held at approximately 2 pm, after which the cars begin to disperse.

This year, we are honoring two Marques, the Lotus and the Mini. Lotus has been manufacturing cars for 70 years, and Minis have been produced for 60 years. There will be special Mini and Lotus models, that you will rarely see anywhere else!

Registration details:

Online registration is NOW CLOSED.

Cars may be registered onsite at the event, but WILL BE FOR DISPLAY ONLY, and will not be judged. Cost of registration onsite is $30, and includes the gift mug while supplies last.

Only cars that were pre-registered can compete. DO NOT BRING A DIFFERENT CAR or it will be marked as Display Only. We cannot modify registrations AFTER OCTOBER 6th.

We strongly recommend that each car brings a fire extinguisher, as custom and safety requirements dictate. The extinguisher can be in the car; in the boot; or used as a wheel chock.

Pop up tents, tables and chairs, picnics, and personal beverages are allowed, however, tent anchoring stakes cannot be driven into the grass. The Port Authority strictly enforces this rule. Tents may use weights instead.

Once parked, after 9 am NO CARS CAN BE MOVED until after the award ceremony, which begins at 2 pm. MOVING YOUR CAR DURING THAT TIME is a violation of Port Authority rules, and may result in your car being banned from future events. In the event of a true emergency, please contact the registration booth so that we can assist you.